Nicky Haldenby interviews Nicky Haldenby

Nicky Haldenby’s new album After All This Time is out now. I, Nicky Haldenby, sat down with ‘the main man’ to have a chat with him about my new album.

The fourth word on this album is ‘fucked’. Are your parents proud?

My parents wrote that lyric.

The album artwork features all of the album’s lyrics written out multiple times. How long did that take?

Longer than I thought it would when I started it. They’re all handwritten, I didn’t think about using a photocopier until it was finished. It used up 10 pens worth of ink and it took about 6 hours in total. I used around 60 sheets of paper. At this points I’d like to apologise to the environment.

Do you really not have anything better to do than write out your own lyrics many times?

I just really care about authentic artwork.

Did they stand back and watch you fall?

They always do.

You have a song on your new album called Strangers. Do you ever talk to strangers?

Not unless they talk to me. Strangers are fascinating though, aren’t they?

Not really, you weirdo. Is On Top of The World inspired by Titanic?

No. No it is not. That’s not even the right quote anyway.

Why did you give On Top of the World such an upbeat title when it’s literally the most depressing thing I’ve ever heard?

Not sure you’ve listened carefully enough, mate.

In fact this whole album is incredibly depressing. What are you playing at?

I think I used up all my happy songs on the last album. (Which you can still buy on iTunes, thank you very much.)

This album is called After All This Time. Why?

It was originally going to be called From The Middle of the Darkness, and then I changed it to The Edge of Darkness. But then I was listening to the finished version of Lose It All, and the line ‘it’s like we’ve been saying nothing after all this time’ seemed to strike a chord with me in that moment. So I settled on that.

Which is your favourite song on the album?

Lyrically, my favourite song is On Top of the World. In terms of raw emotion and all-round-songiness, I’d say Tightrope and Strangers are my faves. And also Big Top World is up there too. That song really grew on me after I’d recorded it, weirdly.

Who is For You for?

It’s for you.

Have you had any epiphanies whilst making this album?

Why yes I have thank you. I realised that the best drink for a late night is a hot chocolate.

How do you juggle making an album with such a busy social life?


Will you show us all the songs you wrote when you were eight years old?

Not all of them (there were many hundreds), however here are a few lyrics. Enjoy! My personal favourite is the hair one.

Any secrets to share about this album?

Yes! It sounds incredible played at 0.87x speed!

Have you ever hired an assassin?

Not yet.

Any particular songs or artists inspired the feel of this album?

Yes, I’m glad you asked, great question. Big Top World is inspired by the big top world line in Faithfully by Journey. It takes it and flips it into something negative. I’ve been listening to Tom Waits’ Closing Time album a lot recently too. I love how that album sounds – especially songs like Ol’ 55, Martha and Ice Cream Man. The ending bit in Beautiful Rush – ‘now you’ve blamed it all on me’ – was inspired by the bit near the end of Ice Cream Man. You’ll get what I mean if you listen to both songs.

Any life advice to share?

Yes! Be humble, be low-key, don’t set yourself up for a fall. Practice what you preach. Always follow your own life advice.

How often do you follow your own life advice?

Every other Sunday.

Thanks for sharing your time with me, Nicky.

Don’t have much of a choice do I pal.

Nicky Haldenby’s new album After All This Time is available to buy, download and stream now.

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